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Rosegal Review : Ombre Maxi Flowing Dress

Hi guys! Here is the other review I mentioned before. Featuring another gorgeous dress by Rosegal.com .  I adore maxi flowing dresses because they are perfect for both day and evening occasions. Since I am more into the feminine style now days, I feel more myself in a soft flowing long lovely dress. 

These photos are from the place I mentioned, where we will be staying for a week in the summer cabin. A space to breath and click back. When I packed for this getaway I made sure to take with me couple of maxi dresses that I can wear easily as I change from Bikini to regular outfit. I don't like wearing tight clothings when around water and sand. 

If you guys are interested in Ombre dresses for summer time, checkout Rosegals.com for great affordable collection. Casual summer dresses shouldn't cost a lot after all.  As for this lovely sleeveless purple and white dress.. find it here . It's made from polyester, easy to dry if around water. Perfect as a white bikini dress. 

I hope you enjoy this personal style inspiration and review. Enjoy!

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