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Shopping Diary: Hair And Body

Hello guys! Here is a new shopping diary update for body and hair cosmetics. Now after passing the new born period, RITUALS... became one of my "all times favorites" such as BIOTHERM, CLARINS, VICTORIA SECRET, NUXE BODY etc..

Its funny how I wasn't planing to buy any more body-care products because my cosmetic drawers are still full. I went to the RITUALS store in Utopia Mall Umeå just out of curiosity to check their baby products and the perfumes. The selling agent offered me this amazing hand treatment with THE RITUAL OF SAKURA COLLECTION, she used the oil, scrub, foam and cream.. I couldn't resist not to buy them at the end, the softening result was incredible and I was in love with the smell of my hands. I ended up getting their new two perfumes as a gift, plus two more free mini products to try :-) photo below!

The SAKURA collection is made out of the nourishing Rice milk and fresh scented Shea Butter. Ive already tried their THE RITUAL OF DAO COLLECTION which I got as a gift last chrisms. 

In our family, when it comes to hair products we love Björn Axen, a highlighted swedish brand since 1963 - Stockholm. Our first choice from shampoo, wax, hair spay ect..

For my blogger friends I will be looking forward to see your own products recommendation this month to get inspired and learn more about what goodies are out there in the market. 

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5 Free Very Useful Home Organizing Printables

Fall weekends are great for organizing and sorting out things. Getting ready for the end of the year and making new plans. This post is made specially for housekeepers / housewives or husbands.. who like to keep their homes tidy and neat. And their goals and plans in order. 

I hope you make use of these lovely printables which can help you achieve what I just mentioned. Enjoy it! 

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Food Gifts: Chocolate Balls

Its been a while since I posted a Food Gifts Series post. Here is a new idea to add up. Oatmeal balls are so poplar now, they are health , no bake and easy to make. How about making them look more nicer and dipping them in dark or white chocolate with a little bit of decoration and give them as treats / food gifts in a nice gift bag or box. 

These are the recent oatmeals balls I made with different flavors, one with blueberries covered with white chocolate and the other with peanut butter and dark chocolate. You can also take a look at more delight recipes that can be given as food gifts / treats. 

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Halloween Special: Roasted Beetroot Pasta Sauce

I love beetroots so much, I often make smoothies or cold salad with onions and mayonnaise out of them or roast them with other roots to be used as a side dish to chicken meals. The other day I came a cross this amazing recipe for beetroot pasta sauce with beetroots that made the pasta look bloody 
red and super yummy. 

When I googled it, I found lots of sauce recipes but this is the one I tried with a bit of my personalized touch adding goat cheese and walnuts to garnish with. I hope you guys like! enjoy...


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Knit Hat I Made While Pregnant ( Get the free pattern )

When I was pregnant with Julia and before I even knew the gender I decided I want to knit something for my baby arrival. I am a beginner at knitting and I try to use the easy patterns when I try to make something. I previously made a scarf for my hubby as a gift, made couple of scarfs I gave to family and best friends, and I sold some. 

This hat was my first hat to knit. Its is so cute itself and even more cute and adorable on little Julia. She started to fit to it right on time with the beginning of the late summer / fall weather.

For new moms I suggest making / knitting something for your baby arrival that you will love to see your baby wearing later on. You can save it for your little ones until they grow old and even your grand children might have it one day. 

I think such simple things will have great value in the future, so why not putt some energy and love emotions into a little project like this to pass generations. Here are the projects I used, I hope this can be helpful for you or someone you know that might like it: 


October 2015
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5 Modern DIY Gifts Too Make For The Coming Holidays

Its been awhile since I collected a DIY project set / collection for you guys to get busy with during the weekends. Remember that best gifts are those we make by hand and this is the right time to do them since holidays are few months away. 

Each week I will be posting a DIY set with best ideas that exist in the internet. Until than I will be hunting for inspirations! enjoy :-)

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