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Personal style: Beige and black

Hi lovelies! back with another personal style photo which was actually delayed from the early spring time, when I was preparing for our Malaga Trip. I remembered it now because I am planing to go there again on mid August. I am hoping for some real hot summer days because the summer weather this season in Sweden has let us down big time. Except for some few good sunny days. So our June greece trip was the only real super summer feeling. 

Back to the outfit. This is my favorite black pants. They go with almost everything. They are high waist and their cut is perfect and balances the body as I do not have full legs. I tried to mix it with beige and break the colors with a pair of bright red mid pumps. 

This is my usual hairstyle by the way. I love the bun hairstyle... bun for daaaays! Its easy and comfy for all times. A leather jacket is a must have. It's a perfect spring / summer jacket incase the weather got a little chilly in the evenings. 

I hope you enjoy this little late personal style inspiration and I will come back with more in the coming weeks. Right now I am excited about the Malaga trip :-)

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Lessons Learned

Couple of years ago I used to write emotional diaries, sharing my thoughts about things happening in my life. I stopped writing those posts because I have made a decision to mute my spiritual-self and control my emotions to the level of "only focus on what serves me and my new life path".

Now after all these years I started thinking maybe the lessons I learned through tough times could help someone else. Help them know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, if you really insist to become the person you always dreamed to be and transform your life.

These lessons contain both achievements and regrets. Achievements of letting go of all the wrong things I learn from the toxic surroundings and environment I was brought up in as a child coming from broken family and a twisted conflicted culture. And regrets of losing precious things that can never be replaced due to the way I was thinking back then. I also take full responsibility for all my past actions that might have hurt loved ones and cause them pain. None of it was easy. 

These Lessons are :

- Be true to yourself before you try to be true to someone else. That means that you need to resolve whatever issues in your life by yourself. Love yourself, be honest with yourself,  accept your flaws and work on them. Try to be the best you can be.

- Invest in yourself using knowledge and self-education . Challenge yourself to try new things, learn new skills and never limit yourself. Get rid of people who try to limit you or cut your wings. 

- Never ever use emotional manipulation, or twist facts to get what you want (prove a point). Or be the victim of it. I have suffered with this one since It was used against me through the years by relatives. It took me years to understand it. And stop myself from doing it to others.

- Be honest, but too much honesty in terms of things that need deep understanding only brings trouble. People only understand things the way they want. Not how the circumstances really were.    

- Never put your pride and jealousy games between you and a loved one. It will end up being a lifetime regret, because the truth will be lost in the game and so many other precious things. 

- "Forbidden fruit" things that start wrong, always have the same ending. Never get involved in a wrong situation. If you have doubts and if things feel complicated .. run. 

-  In times of weakness listen to your heart, your morals and set them as your standards in life. Not what people around you do or say. Be the only author of your life book.

Divide your personal needs from your emotional needs. And never lean on those whom you love to be your financial providers. Financial issues kills love, between both partners and family members.

- Easy come, easy go. Trust in the right timing. There is the right moment for everything. Never rush things up to accomplish fast results. 

-  Keep aware of the effect the people around you has on your life and behavior. Never settle for what makes you feel less or not enough. Toxic and negative relationships can make us lose our self esteem and so everything else.  

- "The One" is the person who reflect back to you all of your inner shadows, but also your deepest beauty and greatest strengths. Helps you to access tremendous emotional, psychological, and spiritual growth.

- If you fail to find or be with your spiritual soul mate. Find someone whom you connect to beyond physical level, even with long distance or someone from the same sex because you will need to fulfill the soul connection. This will bring you peace and grace.

- Give second chances, forgive and keep your heart open to those people who have a special place in your heart. Life is too short and all what we are left with in the end is the regrets of things we did not dare to do.

- "Show must go on" I believe in unconditional love / relationships, the reason why I never try too hard to tight someone to me. If I am ever truly committed and my decisions in life can affect the personality and lives of others, I would always stand up to my vows. 

To be continued..

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Rosegal Review : Ombre Maxi Flowing Dress

Hi guys! Here is the other review I mentioned before. Featuring another gorgeous dress by Rosegal.com .  I adore maxi flowing dresses because they are perfect for both day and evening occasions. Since I am more into the feminine style now days, I feel more myself in a soft flowing long lovely dress. 

These photos are from the place I mentioned, where we will be staying for a week in the summer cabin. A space to breath and click back. When I packed for this getaway I made sure to take with me couple of maxi dresses that I can wear easily as I change from Bikini to regular outfit. I don't like wearing tight clothings when around water and sand. 

If you guys are interested in Ombre dresses for summer time, checkout Rosegals.com for great affordable collection. Casual summer dresses shouldn't cost a lot after all.  As for this lovely sleeveless purple and white dress.. find it here . It's made from polyester, easy to dry if around water. Perfect as a white bikini dress. 

I hope you enjoy this personal style inspiration and review. Enjoy!

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Summertime, And The Livin' Is Easy

Hi my loyal readers. As I mentioned in my latest family diary post, summer is the most rushed season ever. I can not believe that it's already the end of July. Everything went quite well this month except for the weather being three seasons in a day. 

On our last grill picnic Julia enjoyed throwing stones in the sea, feeding seagulls and ducks. She also played the big sister roll with our friends little son who turned one year last week. She looked so adorable trying to play the grown up, walking around giving him toys and trying to feed him even. If I didn't have career plans on the table I would have consider giving her a baby sister or brother next year.

We will be spending this week in the summer cabin with Julia's grandparents. It's a lovely and cozy place by the sea to relax, exercise and enjoy the rest of July. We went on a boat tour with them and Julia was amazed. They placed a fishing net over night and got plenty of fresh fish. I am just hopping the weather will continue being as it is right now.

That's it for now, you guys can stay in touch and watch our live instagram posts. Cheeeers! 

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Rosegal Review : Spaghetti Strap Flowy Summer Maxi Dress

Hi guys! I am back with another review and personal style post. As you all know, I love summer maxi dresses. Couple of months ago when summer was about to start, I shared with you guys the "Spaghetti strap dress" on my wish list. Which can be both a day and evening dress depends on how you style it. 

I wore this dress to dinner last week with a leather jacket, golden accessories and black mid heels sandals. Those who follow me on Instagram must have seen it. And yesterday while we went out to enjoy the nature and eat lunch outside I wore the dress with brown flat sandals and a black summer hat, as you see in the photos. 

I got a lot of compliments about it. And besides that, it's comfy, the fabric is so soft and light. Just perfect for summer weather. I did not have lots of yellow items in my closet so I thought I would go for yellow since it's also perfect for summer and match my tan skin. 

Shopping with Rosegal.com was a great experience. Affordable prices, fast delivery and the product was just like the photos and description.   


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Milk And Gluten Free Almond Cookies


2 egg whites
200 g almond flour / almond paste
3 dl = 270 g sugar
1 tbsp vegetable oil
150 dark chocolate
Almond chips for decoration 

Preheat the oven to 175 c 347 f.
Mix all ingredients except the oil and the chocolate, until you get a almond dough. 
Roll the dough to a shape of a hotdog.  
Start slicing from the edge equal pieces.
Take each piece and roll it to a long stick. Then twist it to get this horse shoe shape. 
Meanwhile mix the oil with some egg white and brush over the cookies. 
Then sprinkle the almond chips over until they get stuck to the cookies.

Lay all pieces on a baking sheet and bake for 7 minutes. 
Take out the cookies and let them rest until they cool down and harden. 
Melt the chocolate while the cookies are cooling down.

Dip the edges of the cookies in the chocolate and let them dry in a cool temperature area.

Once they get dry you can keep them in a jar and serve them during your coffee break or afternoon tea.


Source: Swedish Magazine  ICAKURIREN

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Friday Cocktail Recipe: Watermelon & Lime

Hey blog buddies! I hope your Friday is going well and you are excited for the weekend. My Fridays and weekends are different when hubby is away working. We actually have our Friday feeling days during the week. Last Tuesday for example I was out and about with a girlfriend of mine since art school and we had such a lovely dinner and girls happy hour. While Julia and daddy had some bonding alone time together. 

I spend my Friday evening playing with Julia, we might watch her favorite cartoon Little Princess and eat fruit salad until her bedtime at 19:00. Then when she sleeps I make myself a snack and watch whether one of my favorite reality tv shows, mad men, white collar or desperate housewifes. Depends on the mood :-). 

I hope you enjoy this cocktail recipe and make it as a treat for your Friday or weekend company. Have an amazing weekend! 


Fresh watermelon juice

1/2 of a personal sized watermelon, cut into chunks

4 cups fresh watermelon juice
1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 squeezed lime juice
2 cups gin

 fresh mint ( Optional ) 


Add watermelon chunks to blender and blend until liquified. Pour juice through fine meshed sieve to remove solids.

Pour in watermelon juice, lime , lemon juice and gin. Stir to mix. Dip the serving glass in salt. Pour over ice and serve.

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Our Summer Diaries

Enjoying summer with our daughter is one of the greatest things. Especially now when she is up walking and running around, exploring her surroundings. We did picnics, camping and grilling outdoors. As I mentioned before summer slips away so fast here because it's often very busy. And because most of the days of the week are actually cloudy and sometimes even rainy. This week for example I felt like it was already October whether. 

We have friends coming to visit us next week for three days and the week after Julia's grandparents rented a summer cabin for a week so we might be hanging out there with them and enjoy July before it ends. Then we are going to visit two of our friends in another city for couple of days and do a little road trip in the northern countryside. We will make sure to benefit from my home stay time.

My maternity leave will end by the end of August. And Julia will start kindergarten... OMG! I still can't believe it. I am both excited about it to be able to get myself and life back but in the same time I am going to be worried and miss her alot. Even that it's only few hours a day in the beginning.

Right now I am trying to focus on enjoying the moment and stay excited for getting back on track and finish all accomplished things that I delayed since I got pregnant. I am doing researches and making plans to get back in business. Woohooo!!! 

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Jord Watches 30% off

Remember my JORD watch? from my previous GIVEAWAY / Review?  Jord Watches are discounting all of their cool watches on Amazon. So now you can get them for 30% off , just use the link on the photos to check out their collections. 
 Jord wood watch

Important note about the 30% discount: The discount applies after the watch is placed in the shopping cart. 

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Things I Will Never Do Again

Through the years we all try new things for the experience, we might make mistakes but we learn from them. There is no mistake or bad choice actually! there is always a lesson behind all the experiences. I still hate the regret part though :-/ ...  Here are some of the things I regret doing and I will never ever do again:

Get a gel / acrylic nail extension: At first it was beautiful, girly and felt amazing but as it started to get pushed up while the natural nail grows I became so annoyed by them. Not to mention it took me a week to get used to them when it comes to pulling my credit card from the wallet and typing on both touch screen phone and macbook.  I tired them only once by the way as a birthday treat ... and that was enough. 

Go on a rock concert: Well well ... I don't know from where to start. Couple of years ago I joined my hubby to attend metallica concert in Stockholm with his hometown friends and their girlfriends. The area was just an open field in the middle of nowhere ... it was too crowded, loud and the rock fan audience looked scary. We all lost each other while we were standing on both bathroom and shop queue. A total nightmare! 

Buy secondhand goods: I had only one secondhand purchase and it wasn't pleasing at all. It became one my biggest shopping regrets. Never ever again! 

Go camping without a mosquito hat net: I have bad experiences with mosquitoes in Sweden. The first one made my face swollen like a balloon for a week. You wouldn't recognize me. I actually had to stay home from work until the swelling disappeared. On one would have taken me seriously with a sumo fighter face. 

Watch real crime documentaries: Couple of months ago I started watching Real Detectives Tv Show on Netflix. A story of a 6 years old boy crime touched me so deeply and hunted me for weeks that I couldn't sleep. I suppose after having a baby I became so sensitive to all things related to children. I still feel very sad when I remember the poor little boy. May his soul rest in peace.   

Stay up late until after midnight: I used to be a night owl..  Now I would rather crawl in bed early listening to an audiobook or nature sounds until I fall asleep . I can no longer stay up late since I got Julia. Except if I had a long afternoon nap... But anyway staying up late makes me tired the next day whether we were on an event, just home watching a movie or talking to my relatives in the united states due to time differences. 

Buy bikinis or jeans online: There are certain things you can't buy online, for me biknies and jeans are one of them. Even if the size is right ... there are some styles that doesn't match my body type. And the only way to know that is by trying them physically.  Now I became better at knowing what fits me perfectly and what's not from all the style trends out there that looks perfect on the models only. 

Brazilian or Asian permanent straightening: I tried this twice, once when I was in Brazil and once in Bali. The down side to permanent straightening is; first you should not shower or wet your hair for couple of days which I had hard time with in those hot and beach destinations. Second is; as soon as the new curly hair start coming up the hair looked so weird and funny. 

Wear high heels without taking another spare flat shoes: Back in the days I used to wear high heels a lot until I actually got used to them. I didn't walk much like I do now ... so It wasn't a problem. Now my lifestyle has changed and I walk often as we live only less then 10 min walk to the city center. Whenever I wear my heels I make sure I take a spare of flat shoes in my bag. Once I forgot to, and I ended up walking around barefoot.

Getting a tattoo or piercing : On my teen days and early 20s I got a belly piercing and a little tattoo. During my pregnancy as my belly grew the piercing hole stretched so much and it didn't look nice. Now it's all back to normal as nothing happened but I won't be placing any piercing hoping for it to disappear just like my little tattoo. Luckily the tattoo faded over the years and it's totally gone now.  

Hold on to negative feelings: I am a peaceful person and I have no enemies, because I am humble and I often walk away when things go wrong. But whether it's a bad memory, misunderstanding, a family conflict, or a feud of some kind ... I do the bigger person role and use the power of forgiving and letting go. I give people excuses for their actions and I forgive and forget. I will never ever hold on to negativity and I live each day only looking forward. 

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Botox Natural Alternatives: 5 DIY Skin Care Recipes

Botox Natural Alternatives

Who needs Botox when bananas can do the trick? Mash up a medium-sized ripe banana along with some honey to make a paste. Apply this gently on your face and neck. Keep it on for 10-20 minutes before you wash it off with cold water to help rejuvenate wrinkled skin.

Orange are loaded with vitamin C, use them in your beauty routine for a younger looking skin. Use orange juice along with aloe vera gel to tighten the skin naturally. Mix equal quantity of orange juice and aloe vera gel and apply it on your face for 30 mins and rinse off.

1 Egg White with 1 Tablespoon Greek Yogurt. Whisk egg white slightly then add yogurt. Mix well and apply to face. Leave mixture on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with luke warm water.

Oatmeal along with honey makes an excellent anti wrinkle mask. Oatmeal acts as a gentle exfoliate, revealing smoother and more youthful skin. While honey works wonders to ease out fine lines and wrinkles. Mix a tbsp of ground oatmeal with 2 tbsp of honey. Apply a paste on your skin. Keep it on for sometime before you wash off your face with lukewarm water.

Mix coconut oil with few drops of lavender essential oil. Massage this natural skin tightening oil to tighten the skin under eyes and loose skin around mouth before going to bed. This natural skin care method is best for reducing deep wrinkles and fine lines on face and neck.


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Formal Dresses Celebrity Style 2017

Hi lovelies! I am back with another fashion inspiration from Aisle Style ( www.aislestyle.co.uk). Aisle Style was founded in 2007 and is a global online retailer of evening dresses, wedding dresses, prom dresses, and dresses for special occasions.. 

Now Aisle offers a whole new set of celebrity style of formal dresses you will adore. Not only that! they also got various of other dress categories which allow buyers find the right dress easily. 

Asile only select the highest quality materials and manufacturers, and produce all collections with great attention to detail! The tailor-made models guarantee you maximum comfort. All models are incredibly affordable. With Aisle Style you can save up to 60% compared to other sites. You can get perfect designs at reasonable prices.

If you have an upcoming event and you are looking for prom dresses online. On Aisle you can find the most stylish prom dresses 2017.... short prom dresses , red prom dresses and even affordable cheap dresses

I adored Leslie Mann light red dress here. Very sophisticated  and classy.. modern style in the same time. While I was surfing and choosing between the dresses, this is the most one I would go for if I had to buy a formal dresses this year.  It matches my personal style perfectly. 

 Celebrity formal dresses online

 short prom dress

 prom dresses

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Midsummer Helsinki 2017

Midsummer this year has been different while spent in Helsinki, waiting for hubby to come back from work. Unfortunately he had to work even during midsummer evening. So it wasn't exactly the celebration it was supposed to be. 

But anyway I tried my best to enjoy the those couple of days in Finland by visiting my favourite places. Helsinki Marina is one of the places I adore and try to visit whenever we travel there. I ENJOYED shopping and eating at the Egg Restaurant where they make amazing creative omelets. Except for the annoying seagull attack while eating outside, everything else was perfect. 

I was thankful for the weather. The easy transportation in Finland for those who have babies in strollers. The kids play areas in almost all places I dined in. 

We traveled between Finland and Estonia during the week using the cruise boats. I will be writing another post about the 3 days we spent in Tallinn.

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