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Fava beans And Lentils Winter Soup

Hello guys! today I brought you a family very old traditional recipe from the Moroccan cuisine. It's a specialty that village people used to make during cold winter and they called it "Ftat al shitba". And I am going to call it winter soup. 

I am not a good recipe writer especially since I learned to do this soup following my preferable taste and I like to make it thick and spicy. So I tried my best now to make it clear and easy for you to do it the way you like your soups. 

Most traditional family Moroccan recipes they do not give accurate ingredient measurements because they used to measure using the common local kitchen tools such as the big moroccan tea glass. Old village ladies often give a recipe saying you should follow your housewife instinct and experience to balance the taste.  So I hope you guys enjoy the lovely taste and healthy benefits of both fava beans and lentils :-)

Do not forget to check up Fenugreek seeds benefits which will blow your mind. They are a part of this recipe. 


2 dl fava beans / broad beans 
1 dl lentils
1 onion chopped 
2 Large tomatoes chopped in cubes
1 1/2 dl Orzo (or handmade dough balls)
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp ginger powder
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp curcuma

Water + Flour (quantity depends of the preferable soup thickness)

Handmade dough balls
1 cup of warm water
3 or 4 tbsp flour

Optional (Depends of the preferable taste) 
Pinch of saffron
3 or 5 pieces of Fenugreek seeds 
1 tbsp Glee

Parsley for garnish


In a large pan add all ingredients, except the Orzo / dough balls... starting with oil, glee, spice, beans, onions, lentils, tomato..

Add 4 cups of water and make sure the quantity matches the thickness you want the soup to be, start from 4 cups and more..

Cook until the beans and lentils are soft, then start preparing the dough balls.

*To make the dough ball, put 2 or 3 tbsp of flour in a plate and add little bit of water each time by a small spoon while you form small balls with your other hand. Once you got couple of dough balls, approximately the amount of 1 dl at least, add them to the cooking pan right away. 

For soup thickness and color, put 3 dl of warm water in a cup or bowl then add 2 tbsp flour and mix. You can use larger quantity if you want. Once you get the sauce like liquid, add it to the cooking pan and stir for about 5  to 10 minutes. 

Try to pick one of the dough balls and test if its cooked. It should be like a form of homemade pasta or mini gnocchi. If yes, serve the soup and garnish with parsley leaves.  

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