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Midsummer Helsinki 2017

Midsummer this year has been different while spent in Helsinki, waiting for hubby to come back from work. Unfortunately he had to work even during midsummer evening. So it wasn't exactly the celebration it was supposed to be. 

But anyway I tried my best to enjoy the those couple of days in Finland by visiting my favourite places. Helsinki Marina is one of the places I adore and try to visit whenever we travel there. I ENJOYED shopping and eating at the Egg Restaurant where they make amazing creative omelets. Except for the annoying seagull attack while eating outside, everything else was perfect. 

I was thankful for the weather. The easy transportation in Finland for those who have babies in strollers. The kids play areas in almost all places I dined in. 

We traveled between Finland and Estonia during the week using the cruise boats. I will be writing another post about the 3 days we spent in Tallinn.

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