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Friday Cocktail Recipe: Watermelon & Lime

Hey blog buddies! I hope your Friday is going well and you are excited for the weekend. My Fridays and weekends are different when hubby is away working. We actually have our Friday feeling days during the week. Last Tuesday for example I was out and about with a girlfriend of mine since art school and we had such a lovely dinner and girls happy hour. While Julia and daddy had some bonding alone time together. 

I spend my Friday evening playing with Julia, we might watch her favorite cartoon Little Princess and eat fruit salad until her bedtime at 19:00. Then when she sleeps I make myself a snack and watch whether one of my favorite reality tv shows, mad men, white collar or desperate housewifes. Depends on the mood :-). 

I hope you enjoy this cocktail recipe and make it as a treat for your Friday or weekend company. Have an amazing weekend! 


Fresh watermelon juice

1/2 of a personal sized watermelon, cut into chunks

4 cups fresh watermelon juice
1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 squeezed lime juice
2 cups gin

 fresh mint ( Optional ) 


Add watermelon chunks to blender and blend until liquified. Pour juice through fine meshed sieve to remove solids.

Pour in watermelon juice, lime , lemon juice and gin. Stir to mix. Dip the serving glass in salt. Pour over ice and serve.

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