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Late Summer And Fall Wishlist: Featuring Palazzo Pants

Hi guys I am back with a new wishlist for Late Summer / Fall season, featuring couple of items that I am willing to buy. I try to keep track on the new trends and pick the items that are somehow classic and timeless. Keeping in mind that I should only go for the things that suit my body type and my personal style.

1. I am so in love with the Palazzo Pants trend as I am sick and tired of slim and tight pants. As I mentioned before wide pants balance body curves for Pear Body women. Of Course if they want to ;-). ( Some readers complained about the idea of hiding women curves to fit media beauty standards )  

2. Ear Cuffs has been on my list for quite a while, I just did not find the right source / store until now. I am doing my online shopping from www.dresslily.com https://www.dresslily.com/?lkid=1748910

3. Cold Shoulder dresses and tops.  I still have no cold shoulder items in my closet, I love how this style gives a very feminine look. Perfect for summertime. This lovely Butterfly Cold Shoulder Dress is on my list.  

4. Glitter Dresses is a must have. Especially the vintage ones are my favorite. I still have The Great Gatsby Theme as my dream day fantasy. Those flat 20s century glamorous dresses are timeless. 

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