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Stockholm Family Getaway Hotel Review

We just got back from Stockholm the last couple of days. Everything was last minute planned as usual and we got back exactly on the evening of Julius First Year Birthday. She had fever the night before we left and I got it from her when we came back home. I am still not feeling perfectly well. 

Anyway I try my best to remember our " Pilot Family " travel experiences when we accompany my hubby during his work trips so he doesn't have to come all the way home to be with us when his schedule is tight. This is one of my quick hotel review this year: 

The first night we stayed at Victoria Scandic Tower , since we had to stay close to both the airport and Scandinavia's Shopping Mall. The hotel building is quite interesting but its interior design is very simple for such a high tower. They had one of the best hotel breakfasts with everything from waffles, pancakes, pastry, egg and sausage, fruit, great smoothies... well everything you expect in a breakfast. They got a lovely children play area which was perfect for our little Julia to sit and play with other kids while we're there in the lobby. Unfortunately the two things I didn't like were; the pillows were very tiny and the sky bar had a limited and bad timing open times. We really wanted to see the view from the tower top. But I recommend this for families with small kids. 

The other night we moved to Upplands Väsby Hotel. Which we previously stayed in while we were on our way to our last Canary Islands Vacation. Its perfect for near airport accommodation. They even have early breakfast timing or they arrange a breakfast takeaway bag if you let them know you are leaving early. The lovely family rooms are cozy and got perfect bedding. We also enjoyed their relaxation floor that includes a gym, game hall, sauna and hot tub. I also recommend this one for families.

On our last night we stayed in Haymarket Hotel also runned by Scandic and it's located in the heart of Stockholm where the flower and vegetables square market is. I loved the 20´s century luxury interior that made me feel like it was a location from the Great Gatsby Movie,. It's design is inspired by the the golden age of the cinema. And the old building right at the Hötorget square is a perfect match for such atmosphere. Unfortunately the front desk agent was unfriendly during check in because of a booking issue. It was the worst hotel check in regarding hospitality while I had a crying sick baby on stroller. I wouldn't say this hotel is a kids friendly place. The breakfast area was just like all hotel building luxury and glamorous. Breakfast itself was very good but not like the one in Victoria Tower I would vote for that one as best Scandic hotel breakfast, especially for families with kids. 

Here are some photos from the Haymarket hotel room. I didn't want to use any photo filter to make you see how romantic and unique the atmosphere is. I would recommend it for romantic couples and friends, girls getaways. And for those traveling with pets. The hotel has a gym but no relaxation / spa facilities. 

I hope this reviews can be useful for those who are planning to visit Stockholm soon.

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