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English Scones

I would like to share with you this classic recipe. I love my scones mini and golden / brown. Using this same recipe you can cut them in your preferable size, depending on the servings as well. 

There are many ways to form the scones but I like this British classic way. I also like to eat them with butter and jam without whip cream. The original recipe which I have inclosed for you below describes how a classic English scones can be made. 

As usual I have problem with international recipes when it comes to food measurements. I myself google the measurements and convert them by myself when trying a new recipe from other countries. The majority of my blog readers are from different countries and I do not know what would be the best way to convert the measurements for each recipe. 

On the side bar of the blog I added a link to a Swedish food measurements guide for those who want to try the Swedish recipes I posted. For for Swedish reader to use as well.

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