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Fancy Flowers: Pink Duke

While in Hötorget / Stockholm, the square market where you can find enormous amount and types of flowers and fresh vegetables. I noticed these fancy looking flowers which I had no idea what they are and what they called. I took this photo and googled them when I came home. Since I didn't know what they are called I looked for " flowers that look like artichoke". And that is how I found more info about them which I would like to share with you. 

It's a large winter / spring flower. Color in vibrant pink petals with creamy base and a light pink center. Long vase life ++.  I would definitely make these flowers part of my next events arrangements to decorate the dining or coffee table. I also definitely recommend it for wedding events arrangements. 

Florist & Wholesaler Information
  • A family of interesting and unusual long lasting flowers available in a vast array of shapes, colours and sizes.
  • Widely grown in Californian as well as Australia / South Africa / New Zealand Protea are available virtually year round because of their opposite seasons.
  •  Most varieties of Protea dry very well.
  • One of the oldest groups of flowering plants, protea have existed for over 300 million years.
  • Protea are named after the Greek god Proteus , who could change his form at will.

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