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Blog Updates for April

Now that the winter is finally over and we love to spend time outdoors, walking, grilling hot dogs and doing lots and lots of picnics.. traveling is also on the list.. So I am going to slow down with the blogging management to avoid burnout. Instead of posting everyday I will be posting every other day or maybe a total of 4 post per week. This way I will organize the blog content even better and work on the other things that need development.

I am going to send a weekly posts summary, including some from the archive for those who are subscribed to the newsletter. So if you are not a social media follower you can still get whats new by email. 

This month there will be more detox food and beverage recipes, spring and summer diy projects, event food and decoration ideas including free printables, a new GIVEAWAY,  and lots of coupon codes from lovely fashion stores. 

There are two travel trips which I am going to write about once we are back so stay in touch and subscribe by email if you don't want to miss a thing :-)

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I am going to make monthly newsletters instead of weekly to be able to collect various topics. 

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