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Shopping Diary: Safety Comes First

Being a new mom is amazing.. it's a very special experience in which you discover a new side of yourself. You get to be more giving and sacrificing, as your baby becomes your entire focus and first priority.

It actually starts during the pregnancy and grows more with each new milestone. I was told by moms to make the best of my time before baby arrives and do lots of shopping because as soon as the baby comes to my world I won't be buying much for myself and I will be only interested in baby stuff. Now I figured that it's all true! 

You might have heard about the products you MUST ditch when you are expecting a baby. A new mom should always consider what she is using when it comes to face and body products / make up which will travel during skin contact to the little baby and might harm her/him. Not only that... also avoid jewelries and sharp objects that might disturb your little one as you will be carrying most of the time. I wear basic make up only on special occasions or when my mother in law is baby sitting for us.

I don't use my watch, stone rings, bracelets often as I used to.. I threw away a lot of products and now I am very selective with everything I use that can pass to my baby skin and mouth as she likes to suck her little hands all the time. I use Fragrance-Free, non toxic products.. I am sticking to cosmetics that are 100% natural and organic, and to be honest I am trying to avoid them as much as possible at least for the first few months.  7 chemicals and toxins to avoid when buying baby products

Every now and then I feel that I am missing my favorite perfumes, and body lotions.. I also lost that excitement for shopping because I keep wondering a lot whether I will feel guilty or not later on, and at the end I avoid taking the risk. I also wonder if I will be actually using any of the new products because I am already not using the ones I own at the moment. Importance of Safe Cosmetics & Skincare for Mom's and their Families

Even during the pregnancy period I was extremely careful, I didn't even dye my hair. I am not sure if I am an extreme person when it comes to baby care or it's normal to be this much concerned about all the little details the first few months being a new mom. 8 New Mom Stresses -- and How to Relieve Them 

Shopping out in stores is no longer fun as it used to be because I got less time and bad mood so I prefer buying things online instead. I am not sure if this is a part of what they call new mothers identity crisis. But I find it very hard to convince myself that certain things are necessary. Baby Care: guide to less toxic products. 

While looking for solutions online, I found this great site called True Natural, it's an online store as well and it has a lot of alternatives for moms who are really careful with their buys while taking care of newborns. So here are my over all tips for new moms are:
  • Look for baby-safe products.
  • Reduce or stop shopping unnecessary cosmetics. 
  • Make a list of only the things you need  to use everyday. 
  • Buy online to avoid shopping stress in the shopping center. 
  • If you still did not lose pregnancy weight, do not go shopping for clothes and use what you had during the pregnancy.
  • If you need outfits for the current season, buy basics that you can still use after losing weight. 
  • You do not need to shop to feel good about yourself, just do the simple things that make you feel beautiful and happy. 

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