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Freebies: 7 B&W Abstract Art

Ive been promising for my own original freebies for a while and now finally I got the time. For my lovely readers who love free printable art this post is just for you. I am sure you have seen how B&W abstract art became so popular the past few years and especially in the minimal modern interior designs featured in gallery wall style as you see above. Lots of ideas on Pinterest for how to make your space stylish with these digital pieces of art, here you can check my collection Interior Design Board

I sell acrylic original paintings on my Easy shop, And at the moment I have two in stock, the rest are all sold out. There are lots of DIY ideas on the internet for those who want to get creative and paint. You can also make your own digital painting by setting the canvas on photoshop for A4 size and download an abstract free brush to paint with.

As for these goodies that I made ready for you. All you need is to download, edit them in your preferable size as they are A42480 X 3508 pixels) and print them out. You can also resize them also by the printing options select A4 size. At the end Buy your desirable frame and go ahead. I recommend Ikea Fames. Enjoy!

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