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GIVEAWAY: BOY BAG Design Alternatives

To Win the Women PU Flap Shoulder Bag ( Boy Design )

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Take a look at more Chanel Boy bag design alternatives available! Collected by NorthWestBlonde Blog
Designer Alternative: Chanel Boy Bag

The closest to the Chanel in looks and quality is this Rebecca Minkoff bag. Just as the Boy Bag is Chanel’s best seller, so is the ‘Love’ bag to Rebecca Minkoff. Depending on what size you spring for and which retailer you purchase through, one of these Loves can cost you between $200-$400 but the quality is worth it. Plus it’s pennies on the price of an actual Chanel, which is a four figure expense. Savvy Shopper Tip: These bags can occasionally by found at Nordstrom Rack for a discounted price plus they are eligible sale items during Shopbop and Nordstrom sales.  
Stylish and affordable designer alternative: Chanel Boy Bag

Another popular handbag look alike from retail giant Zara, who is also known for their stellar lookalike bags, is this quilted bag with chain details. While it lacks some smaller details to resemble the Chanel Boy, this Zara bag is a wonderful alternative for someone looking to add a bit of edge to their overall look.
affordable and stylish Chanel alternatives

This BFRIEND bag comes extremely close to the original even with its name. However this Steve Madden bag might prove tricky to get your hands on as it was released several seasons ago. I’ve found it here in nude and here in black.
Designer Alternative: Chanel Boy Bag

DailyLook is an often overlooked site but that doesn’t stop them from having a fantastic handbag selection including this quilted crossbody bag, which greatly resembles the Chanel Boy. While the bag is currently sold out, you can sign up for the waitlist and they will let you know when it is back in stock! Savvy Shopper Tip:Whenever a retailer has a waitlist on a sold out product that means they will be restocking that item. It’s always worth getting on the list so you’ll know right when they restock.
Designer Alternative: Chanel Boy Bag

Least like the original Boy bag in appearance but with the friendliest price tag, this B.P. bag comes in a lovely nude color. It is perfect for younger girls looking to start off their handbag collection or for anyone looking for a simple bag that can accompany many different looks.
Stylish and affordable alternatives to the Chanel Boy BagLush Leather Quilted Bag
Finally this Lush leather bag from Amazon is quite similar to the Chanel Boy bag but also a great alternative to the DailyLook Quilted Crossbody for those who don’t want to wait. The price tag is a little larger than the other versions above but still cheaper than a Rebecca Minkoff Love bag.

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