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5 Months Milestones

It has been 5 months since me and little Julia established our life together. We managed to build a daily routine the past few months and are improving a lot with each new development she makes. Food , play and sleep timings are starting to be more organized. 

When are out or when we get visits at home, people tell us that we got the worlds most calm and easy going baby but I wonder if that is only because of the social effect she gets, because she is more calm and easy going around people when in full house, than when its only me and her dad. I guess she calms down to pay attention to the differences around her, the voices, the smells the new or familiar faces and so on.. she is not as calm home when in peace and quite. She wants things happening all the time and she easily gets board. I do my best to keep her entertained when she is awake during the day.

To moms out there who are almost getting to the 5 months milestone things will finally work out and you will be able to make your routine and feel that you can accomplish more than you did the last new months with your time. I myself thought I will be trapped in the same first period of baby arrival and that I will never be able to make time for other things in my life other than the baby care. 

By the time the baby starts to play and hold things you will be able to have a break and do other things.  I hope these info from my own experience helps those who are wondering about how the motherhood days to come will be. 

Below is my collection of MOM To Be guide where I saved all the info and tips that helped me make it until now :-) . Enjoy! 

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