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HomeDecor: The Leather Butterfly Chair

This chair has been in my shopping list for quite a while and I am still looking for the right source to buy it, since many copied the design to regular fabric and so on... The one I am looking for is the leather material just as shown above. Unfortunately it got sold out so quickly when it was available on sale in my location. 

A butterfly design chair is the perfect chair for a space where things need to move around quickly. It’s light weight make it easy to slide into a corner and the open space underneath makes it easy on the eye. These chairs are a great option for renters and drifters to add some serious style to their space while keeping furniture portable. The reason I want it so badly, so it can be used incase we got more guests than our sofa can take and our living room area is quite packed at the moment. 

I will be hunting for the right chair online until I find the perfect one with both good quality and a reasonable price. I hope you enjoy the inspiration from my most desirable home decor products. 

Butterfly Chair

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