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The Healing Hands: My acupressure massage therapy experience

I heard about the "traditional Chinese medicine center" located in Härnosand through a friend who used to get treated and learned qigong there, whom also happens to be a friend to the family of the Chinese medicine master/doctor. So I was introduced by her to this new world of TCM lifestyle.

Last weekend I had my first official "acupressure" therapy. the Chinese master refuses to call it the "acupressure" because to him it's more of balancing the energy flow in the body to make each organ work in harmony with the other. He finds the energy blockages in the body and he treats them using only his hands in a specific technic. He told me that using objects can cause injury or harm the nerves and the needles are not as effective as using his human energy for healing. 

I have anemia since I was a child and now due to stress and burn out I am having blockages in the heart and lungs area. The blockages symptoms appear in the body as back and chest pain in the area of the heart and lungs. So by the treatment, the blood flow and circulation increased and I felt an unbelievable heat head to toes. I swore I felt like a walking ball of fire after the session and my cheeks turned red. This was the immediate signs I noticed, but today looking at myself in the mirror this morning my face looked much healthier as if the blood circulation really got balanced and even my dry skin problem appeared better. I often have to moisturize 3 times a day during the winter time. 

To be honest the treatment is quite painful and even now the treatment spots hurt when I lay down as if I have been hit by something hard. But I feel more energized and even consciously awake. The head fuzziness is gone and to the point where I didn't have to rush for the morning coffee today.  

This was not my friend time visiting a traditional medicine place, in 2011 I visited the famous (from Eat, pray love movie /book) Balinese traditional medicine man in Ubud and had body analysis and palm read. Now I am looking forward to my next treatment probably by the end of August. 

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