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Nomad Modern Inspiration

When I first moved to Sweden and I was studying both art and the language I had established an online shop on the side where I told my art and handmade craft goods. During that time and since I've always had this fantasy of opening a Moroccan interior decor boutique in Sweden, selling handmade Moroccan goods, and that dream keeps coming to me every now and then. Check out my Nomad Modern Pinterest Board

Durning, my last Marrakech visit in 2013, I met my father siblings, and one of them owns a store in the old bazaar with a little handmade craft factory where his workers make leather bags, shoes, jewelry boxes ... you named it! I was offered lots of handmade gifts while I was there. 

Few years ago I created a Pinterest board where I used to save those ideas, dreams, and fantasies for later use. Now that I redecorated my space inspired by this Nomad Modern style you see below but in a more humble way :-). I thought of sharing some of those pins with you in groups as blog posts. 

I hope you enjoy this inspiration! 

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