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Shrove Tuesday On 28 February

Next Tuesday is going to be the Shrove Tuesday ( also known as Pancake Tuesday or Pancake day ). 

I enjoyed making these heart pancakes using the Swedish method, which is without baking powder. It was Julias first time to try pancakes and she loved them so much ( of course without syrup or cream ). 

If you would like to make heart pancakes for your family and loved ones, just use a large heart cookies form by placing it on the pan and pouring the preferable batter amount. The less the thin and the quick the pancake will be ready. I used the form to make couple of heart pancakes all at once. It was quick and very easy. 

As usual, the pancake topping is optional. I usually use what we have at home. You can choose from: syrup, whip cream, berries, chocolate sauce, butter and honey.. 



"10 pancakes or 30 depends on how thin you are willing to make each one."

3 eggs
6 dl milk
2 1/2 dl flour
1/2 tsp salt
2 tablespoons butter


Whisk together the eggs with half of the milk.
Add the flour and whisk well. Than add and whisk the remaining milk and salt.
Melt the butter and whisk into the mixture. 

Heat the pan. Pour a thin layer of batter. When the surface solidified and become dull, it is time to turn the pancake. Fry for another minute. 
And so on....

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