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Canary Islands 2017 Trip

We explored more of Canary Island / tenerife this year. Back in winter 2013 we traveled to Canary Islands twice, once it was just following my hubby during a work trip to Las Palmas / Grand Canary and the second was a one week vacation in Tenerife Island. 

This year we made sure we lived in a different area, more family friendly and also did other tours and things differently than the last time we were here. We stayed in suites / apartments hotel where we were able to cook our own food and feel more comfortable like home. We rented a car like the previous trip and managed to visit two different towns and a beach on the other side of the Island. The travel photos will be published in my photography site.

We lived in Los Gigantes, the famous high cliffs that faces the ocean and we kept traveling around the island from there. The near by beach had black sands and gave the real feeling of being in a volcano island. Personally I think Los Cristianos beaches away much better so we had a car ride there twice during our trip. 

We were lucky with the weather most of the time, some afternoons were a bit cloudy but I thought that was perfect for little Julia. Most of the places are family friendly. I gotta say that they love children so much around there.. We kept getting greetings and hand waves all the time when out and Julia got to hear one more different language since this is her 6th trip out of the country. Buying diapers and baby food, smoothies is available in all big and small stores, so the distention is defiantly  worth it for a young family. 

I would  recommendations for those who are planning to visit:

  • Rent a car
  • Visit Porto De la cruz
  • Visit the natural swimming pools
  • Try the octopus and potato local dish 
  • Watch sunset from Los Gigantes cliffs
  • Visit Teide volcano 
  • Visit Hard Rock cafe
  • Best beach Playa de las vistas 

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