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Solo travel female diary : No place for one

There is no place of one, This is what I keep hearing while traveling to those romantic get away destinations while alone, I was always told sorry we only have places for couples and we don't even have single room. So I either pay for two to stay such as visiting Redang Island and Bali or I stay in Hostels where its often not nice!

As Elizabeth Gilbert said in her book eat,pray,love she was always looked at like a pathetic just divorced single woman traveling alone but I don't see any shame in that. People make it uncomfortable with their questions and sometimes they react in rude way when I say  I am alone, even when I went in a boat trip in Malaysia some people behind me where talking Arabic behind my back thinking I don't understand saying , look at this poor girl by herself in this nice place.

Come on people, do you need to be with someone to enjoy the place! do you have to have arms around your waist to look happy? I have been always traveling alone and I got used to it. Sometimes I meet people and make friends and I join them if not I always found lots of activities and things that never made me feel bored or alone.

I know that two are better than one but at the end this is my path and I am happy with it :)


While discovering Abidjan

Today me and Dominique my host went to the downtown Abidjan to finish some out standing tasks, while she was doing some staff I toke a step out to watch a very big garden was near by with many big trees, couldnt believe my eyes.. there was lots of massive bats in size of a money. I thought they were monkeis hanging out there until I saw their wings. Two of them were making love and after a while a 3th party join so it became a threesom in public hahahahah. hmmmm I wonderd about how could bats have sex hanging bye their foot on a three until I saw it with my own eyes, very funny they all gathered and huged eachother with their wings to cover up and started shaking in a very funny way. I guess our mother nature is pretty wild when it comes to bats.

There were plenty of them all over the garden, unluckly I didnt have my camera with me.


Ivory Coast: Frensh effect on Africa

Here I am in west africa, in a frensh speaking country again! I wake up hearing the Frensh greetings coming to me from everywhere, I find my petit-déjeuner ready on the table in frensh style. I set in the garden of the villa and get my daily cup of coffee while surfing on internet, by the way coffee is très délicieux.

I am being called tatta here by everyone, first I thought its only the kids than the maids start calling me the same. I get so shy of how nice they are all to me. Once I told my host that I prefre light dinner such as soup and since than everyday the chef made me my own special dinner many types of soup each time and he is also being so creative with my salads. For my lunch he cooked for me westren frensh meals and by the way the sea food here is parfaite et fraîche.

When I say Frensh meal it also mean the classic rules for the home food table, setting and waiting to be served one thing each time, starter than the main meal than eating the desert is a must for them, it takes lots of time and I shouldnt leave the table until its all done, not to mention the meals fixed timing, all on time; Breakfast at 8:30, Lunch at 12:00 and Dinner at 7:00 , that is so much for me, I like simple  and relax living without rules.

I still didnt go on tour around the city yet, only yesterday I went with my host to her work and we went for lunch after in a very nice place, she promised on weekend she shall take me around. I do not mind in fact I am in love with her house garden, all I want to do is kick back, relax and read.

So do you, right!


Côte d'ivoire, here I come again

After a long travel from Asia via Dubai than a small stop in Ghana, I finally got to Abidjan for the second time in 5 years. First thing to notice the amazing weather and the green color everywhere. I was sick of the humid weather in Malaysia and mostly cloudy sky all week long. Now I finally get to see some sun again I totally lost my 5 months tan and got little Asian face features hehe.

This is my 4th tropical destination this year. I am kinda like couch surfing but not, staying with a small family of 2 little kids and a working Mom, Nanny, a housemaid and kitchen chef. I have the chance to work on my frensh now because only the mother speak a little English. The kids keep talking to me in Frensh all the time and I love it when they say bonjour, bonsoir tatta :)  

I do not know for how long I will be here but we will see..


Dear Kuala Lampur

Dear Kuala Lampur, it was nice spending 3 months among your massive buildings and towers, enjoying your fancy Malls and tasting all different types of Asian food and drinks. If I count what activities I was doing there part from the Islands trips would be only; reading, dining and mostly karaoke; I became a karaoke star here and that is what I am going to miss the most. While staying there I lived in Cyberjaya, Sunway, Guerny 2, apart from the Trips out of the capital.

It was cool to walk around your streets while its raining in a warm weather, waring Chinese style shorts and skirts and hanging out with my Asian cute girls. I played all my cards in KL and there is two things fly away so fast in here; Time and Cash.

Special thanks for the lovely people I met there; My Libyan home friends and their girlfriends; Rachel and Rochelle, special thanks for Sara and Melody. Mino and Nadim and their friends. My flat mates Mohaimen and Khalid and Sahar.

Kuala Lampur: Me & Taxi drivers

Here is one of my funny usual conversations with taxi drivers. tonight in Kuala Lampur while heading back from the Cinema I had a light chat with this Chinese one ;

T.D: You Australia?
ME: No

T.D: You Iran student?
ME: No, Morocco

T.D: Morocco, Where?
Me: You know Egypt? Morocco is near.
T.D: OHHH know Egypt, Yes know Egypt.
Me: I am Arabic

T.D: You boyfriend Arabic have?
Me: Yes

T.D: When boyfriend Arabic No have, Call me I be your boyfriend. Chinese boyfriend.
Me: (not even a blink)

T.D: You how many boyfriend have?
ME: Just one, should be only one!

T.D: NO NOOO maybe many boyfriend can, Many girl many boyfriend have.
ME: No, not me.

T.D: Your country many girl tall like you?
ME: Yes 
T.D: OHHH me very small , look small. Chinese small.
ME: trying hard to hold myself not to laugh.

T.D: You walk all day in city huh! no good too much walk for woman. after big feet, not sexy.
If you after call me no boyfriend you. ok! no walk to much 

I didn't get the meaning of the last one but It sounded like having leg muscles from walking are not sexy on women. and if I call him when I have full or big legs whatever he wont be my boyfriend. what a picky man hahahahahaha . This was totally crazy, actually the Indian ones are even worst they usually send kisses when I am about the take my change and leave the cab. What a world!!!!!!


From Malaysia

Good day lovelies! here comes another day in south Asia , I can't believe that it's already August 2011 and I am in my mid 20's..

Its been raining so hard lately in here, see the photo above of the out doors view when I first woke up this morning . I am not socializing here  for so many many reasons, I am more enchanted with two things; Movies, books, salads and as I mentioned before being veggie for a while makes me think straight and feel better inside out : )  

I know I can't do that for long because I LO0o0oVE my burger, my chicken wings and my medium stake but for now I am taking it easy. My dining experience in Asia is not so good, I know I can get the best Sushi here and the most delicious Korean food ,Chinese ext.. but I am sorry, I am very Mediterranean when comes to food and men XD 

Have a gorgeous day everyone!


Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

This book definitely explains the unexplainable. We sometimes choose logical reasoning over intuitions which leads to mistakes and even catatrophes. But the small voice inside your head saying 'yes' or 'no' to our decision making is right most of the times. This is especially true when we have less information about the decision process. Whether it be as small as buying clothes or as big as investing in a new business, the intuitive feeling can be a better guide as it is based more on experience and observation.

I am reading this book at the moment, will review it when I am done :)


Both horrifying and amazing book "Shantaram"

For those of you who are seeking a virtual reality in a book, this is it. Shantaram is engrossing, educational, very detailed and at the same time, fast-moving, and exquisitely written. Every night that I climb into bed and pick up my book, I'm in Bombay. I can smell it, I can see the images, I can feel the fear, and the community of love, respect and support in the slums. I haven't finished the book yet, but I know I'll be at a loss when I do.

 A must-read.


Life of Pi


I just finished reading this book.Very smart work from Yann Martel. Tells the story of an Indian teenager (Pi) that survives the sinking of a cargo ship (in which his family and half a zoo was travelling), finding himself in a lifeboat with a tiger, a hyenna, a zebra and an orangutan. Most of the book is focused on Pi's description of how he managed to avoid being killed by the tiger and survived.
The story has many other levels. Pi's adventure can be described in other ways (I will spare the details to avoid spoilers). The book has many references to religion and zoology, that allow the whole story to be seen with other lenses. It's a very smart work and I recommend it.


China Town Kuala Lumpur

I can not find a lot to say about the tour today in China Town, the photos can speak for themselves. I guess all China towns around the world are the same. Here you can find many fake brands, lots and lots of food and colorful tropical fruits that will amaze you. 

It was really nice to walk around and explore more of the Asian culture here in North Asia. A lot to say but really short short time to sit and write. One day you will read it all in my future book. 


Places I've Been; Langkawi Island

Last Island I have been to was Langkawi, I spent 7 days there to kick back and relax . Went on  The Langkawi Island Hopping Tour, takes you on a journey to explore Langkawi’s most illustrious islets. First you’ll be taken to visit verdant ‘Pulau Singa Besar’ – Big Lion Island; the boat stops just shy of the shores and you’ll get the chance to watch the king of the skies – eagles – as they soar overhead. Observe as they dive to catch their prey, chicken bits that the boat driver has thrown into the water, with deadly precision – it’s a great photo and video opportunity.

Next head on over to Pulau Dayang Bunting – the silhouette of the pregnant maiden from a distance is truly awe-inspiring; meanwhile the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden – overflowing with supposed ‘magical’ waters is another breathtaking sight. Relax on the adjoining buoys on the shores, dip your feet into the waters or splash and swim around in the enclosed sections. The day ends with a visit to ‘Beras Basah Island’ – or Wet Rice Island – another pristine Langkawi beach with clear waters and far-reaching views of the sea where you can relax and soak up the sun and sea after a day spent trekking up to the Pregnant Maiden Lake and feeding the eagles.

Had such great time! make sure you visit it if you ever came to Malaysia