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Kuala Lampur: Me & Taxi drivers

Here is one of my funny usual conversations with taxi drivers. tonight in Kuala Lampur while heading back from the Cinema I had a light chat with this Chinese one ;

T.D: You Australia?
ME: No

T.D: You Iran student?
ME: No, Morocco

T.D: Morocco, Where?
Me: You know Egypt? Morocco is near.
T.D: OHHH know Egypt, Yes know Egypt.
Me: I am Arabic

T.D: You boyfriend Arabic have?
Me: Yes

T.D: When boyfriend Arabic No have, Call me I be your boyfriend. Chinese boyfriend.
Me: (not even a blink)

T.D: You how many boyfriend have?
ME: Just one, should be only one!

T.D: NO NOOO maybe many boyfriend can, Many girl many boyfriend have.
ME: No, not me.

T.D: Your country many girl tall like you?
ME: Yes 
T.D: OHHH me very small , look small. Chinese small.
ME: trying hard to hold myself not to laugh.

T.D: You walk all day in city huh! no good too much walk for woman. after big feet, not sexy.
If you after call me no boyfriend you. ok! no walk to much 

I didn't get the meaning of the last one but It sounded like having leg muscles from walking are not sexy on women. and if I call him when I have full or big legs whatever he wont be my boyfriend. what a picky man hahahahahaha . This was totally crazy, actually the Indian ones are even worst they usually send kisses when I am about the take my change and leave the cab. What a world!!!!!!

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