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While discovering Abidjan

Today me and Dominique my host went to the downtown Abidjan to finish some out standing tasks, while she was doing some staff I toke a step out to watch a very big garden was near by with many big trees, couldnt believe my eyes.. there was lots of massive bats in size of a money. I thought they were monkeis hanging out there until I saw their wings. Two of them were making love and after a while a 3th party join so it became a threesom in public hahahahah. hmmmm I wonderd about how could bats have sex hanging bye their foot on a three until I saw it with my own eyes, very funny they all gathered and huged eachother with their wings to cover up and started shaking in a very funny way. I guess our mother nature is pretty wild when it comes to bats.

There were plenty of them all over the garden, unluckly I didnt have my camera with me.

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