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From Malaysia

Good day lovelies! here comes another day in south Asia , I can't believe that it's already August 2011 and I am in my mid 20's..

Its been raining so hard lately in here, see the photo above of the out doors view when I first woke up this morning . I am not socializing here  for so many many reasons, I am more enchanted with two things; Movies, books, salads and as I mentioned before being veggie for a while makes me think straight and feel better inside out : )  

I know I can't do that for long because I LO0o0oVE my burger, my chicken wings and my medium stake but for now I am taking it easy. My dining experience in Asia is not so good, I know I can get the best Sushi here and the most delicious Korean food ,Chinese ext.. but I am sorry, I am very Mediterranean when comes to food and men XD 

Have a gorgeous day everyone!

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