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52 Journal Questions

Sometimes we lose track of ourselves in our everyday routine and responsibilities. It's very important to keep our self in a check, make a journal of both your past achievements, future plans, thought and dreams for the future! keeping a journal is not easy when your head is fuzzy and your thoughts are everywhere.. you do not know what to begin with. I often have focus problems when I get trapped in daily multitasking and that shut down my creativity. So a little help of this "questions journal" is actually the best, it doesn't just help make a journal.. it actually guides to specific topics one might forget or never thought about.   

I started using this list a few weeks ago and I thought of sharing it with you guys. I am achieving much more getting to know myself a lot better, my new goals in life and connecting to my higher self to find my life propose. I hope this inspires you to find your happiness and inner peace.. enjoy!

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