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Simply Luxurious: Dressing Like A Millionaire

Hello lovelies back with a new style topic from the archive of 2016, it's been a while..I hope you enjoy this useful tips and the photos I selected to enclose for each tip. A reminder that chic style, elegance, simplicity, and class has no specific price... enjoy! 
1) Uniform dressing: You can buy nondescript LBDs, cream-colored knits and dark wash jeans from anywhere. Having a handful of classic pieces in your closet allows for an array of looks that scream money.
2) Polished looks pricey: Messy will never equal “wealthy” at first glance, so keep things sophisticated with clean lines, polished accessories and neat hair and makeup.
3) The basics: If nothing else, invest in your shoes and bag. If you can’t afford to, carry a minimalist leather tote and wear simple ballet flats or loafers.
4) Keep it real: Do not wear fake leather. Ever. You’re fooling no one.

5) Logo is a no-go: Avoid putting brands on display. A purse covered in logos is nothing you want to be seen carrying.  ( I really agree with this!)
6) Sweater weather: Drape your cardigan over your shoulders like our favorite ’80s prepsters.
7) Tip-top shape: If you’re going to wear something, make sure it’s still in good condition. Nicks and scratches on shoes, bags, or anything else you’re wearing are a no-no.
8) When it comes to sunglasses, listen to Jackie O: Wear tortoiseshell eyewear à la Jackie Kennedy.
9) Simply cinched: Cinching an oversized coat or classic button-down adds instant polish to any outfit.
10) Nail it: Keep eccentric nails to a minimum.

11) Dark denim: The darker the wash, the more sleek your denim looks.
12) Like a lady: Ladylike dresses that make you look like you just stepped out of a Kennedy family portrait give off an old money, new clothes feel.

13) Your scent can be just as wealthy as your look.
14) Draped in jewels: Don’t be afraid to put your jewelry front and center. From simple diamond studs to that borderline-gaudy statement necklace, this kind of jewelry ups the ante.

15) The “I have money” combo: Own a navy blazer. Own a turtleneck. Wear them together.  If you’re  very top heavy and/or short you may want to skip a turtleneck.
16) Status staples: Embrace conservative status symbols like Gucci loafers.

17) If you don’t know, now you know:Two words: Camel. Coat.
18) Make sure it fits: Clothing is instantly downgraded when it doesn’t fit correctly. Stay away from items that swallow you whole or cut off circulation/create imprints in your skin.
19) Wear your pearls, girls: When in doubt, a classic strand of pearls adds elegance (and dollar signs) to your style.

20) Head to toe: Monochrome is the perfect way to give off that “everything I’m wearing is chic and cost a fortune” vibe.

21) Timing is everything: A nice watch is the ultimate power-play accessory, even if it can’t be a Rolex or Cartier Tank. 👉If you’re on a budget opt for a brand like Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors.

22) Into the wild: Tread carefully when it comes to animal print. There’s a fine line between a leopard-print heel and a zebra-print jumpsuit. 
23) Make sure your hair is clean and healthy looking. Invest in great hair products including a silicone based hair serum for shine.

Tips received from Harper’s Bazaar , Photos slection by me! 

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