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3 Questions That Predict Your "Future Happiness" In Love...

Today I wanted to share a quick "Future Happiness In Love" quiz with you from Rori Raye - 3 simple but important questions about how you're feeling right now that can predict everything about how likely you are to enjoy a future enriched by the joy of a secure, committed, lasting relationship. 

Please take a moment, and try to answer these questions as honestly as possible - your feelings about them "tell all" about how happy you'll be in the future if you continue on the course you're following right now.

Here they are:

1. When your day quiets down and you have a few moments to reflect on yourself and your love life, does the "voice" in your head immediately start to make you feel bad about yourself or afraid about the future?

2. Do you find yourself trying to chase, manage, and control things and people in your life to the point that, even when you SHOULD be feeling relaxed and happy, you're usually just feeling frustrated or disappointed?

3. Do you find yourself obsessing about past failures and shortcomings - especially with men/women? As if your inner feelings of inadequacy, insecurity and low self-esteem are always there to haunt you, trip you up, and hold you back?

Your answers to the 3 questions and say everything you need to know about your chances of enjoying a future rich with the love, security, and joy of a passionate, enduring relationship...

If that future looks painful, hopeless, or just plain "boring" to you right now, it's up to you to change it.

Source info : Rori Raye

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