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Housekeeping Tips: Solving Dog Hair Problem

I used to have a cute little dog just like this one in the photo but my dog was white. I named him Oskar, sadly I could only have Oskar for few months because I couldn't keep him in the house accommodation provided by my employ. Because of guess what? dog hair. And again last year I bought a very nice second-hand carpet which was more than half the original price. Not used much! but when I got it I discovered it was full of white dog hair and the carpet was gray. I washed the carpet many times but still, I couldn't get the hair off completely.

Now that I found a solution to this problem I would like to share it with you. I came across this life saving website Mila Kunst, which provides the top vacuums for pet hair with reviews. I had no idea there was such thing as pet hair vacuum. Discover the top rated pet hair vacuume cleaner for 2018 here. In the mentioned website you will find plenty of housekeeping tips and hacks to help you not only with hair pets but even with getting rid of the hardest dirt spots, carpet cleaning and cleaning products recommendations. I hope you find this inspiration useful.

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