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Martinique Carnival 2018

It was such an amazing experience attending the Martinique Carnival 10 - 14 Feb. Fort de France city street was full of people, music everywhere, people dressed in costumes and the parade continued from the afternoon until sunset.  We were there on the first date as a group of families with kids and we decided to attend again on the 13th on the (Devil day) but only ladies. 

The festivities start straight after the Epiphany, that is to say even up to 2 months before Shrove Tuesday. The weekends host street parades, themed events and private celebrations that grow in intensity as the season progresses. The local government and community representatives meet to organize the festivities, every Sunday sees processions throughout the island.Every village elects a Queen and Junior Queen to be carried in triumph at the grand parade. Even the grandmothers compete for the honor, dressing in their finest traditional costumes. Read more details about Martinique Carnival  

So I enjoyed one more day getting out of the usual home mom routine. As the time started to get closer to get back to Sweden one must make the most of these last few weeks. So again on the 17th we planned another moms/ladies out day to spend it by the pool in a hotel resort. I am so excited as with this treat I will be wrapping up and getting ready to be in work business mood. 

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