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Salmon Tartare ( Tower ) Recipe

Couple of years ago I published a couple of Tartare recipes. Which I tried and loved. This one is more of a simpler version. You can go with your own taste and get creative with this basic recipe. Cook the salmon your preferable way. Add your favorite dressing / herbs to the mango avocado salad.. and even boil your type of rice that you like. 

If you can't afford salmon fillet, you can use smoked salmon or just a regular tuna can to make a similar tower. 

You will need: 

Salmon fillet chopped to cubes, steamed, grilled or cooked on a frying pan. I prefer the steaming method with couple drops of lemon and black pepper. How To Steam Salmon 

Simple Avocado, spinach and mango salad. How To Make Avocado Mango Salad

Boiled rice. You can choose your favorite. I usually use whole grain risotto rice. You can wait until the rice cool down if it's still very hot. 

Once all the three mentioned parts above are ready. Look for a long wide forum can or cup to use it to make the tower shape. 


Start with the salad and fill the first part by pressing it to the bottom with a spoon. Then followed by the salmon and finally the rice. 

Keep it in for few seconds until it holds its shape very well. If one of the parts is hot, the tower will lose its shape quickly after you remove the form.

Place the form upside down on the serving plate and turn it. keep for few seconds and then remove the form. Garnish with a mix of pesto sauce and olive oil around the place and couple drops of lemon or lime. 

This dish can be serves a bit warm or cold .. depends on your preferable taste. 

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