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2017 Summer Wishlist: Denim Dress

I just added a couple of sleeveless denim dress s together with royal blue dress s to my wishlist from Rosegal.com for summer 2017. I realized I don't own much denim / royal blue pieces in my closet.

Denim is one of the timeless styles and it goes with almost everything else when it comes to outfit matching. So since Rosegal offers a 50% off sale , I went ahead and I picked these couple of cute dresses which would give me a younger cool style. They are simple, classic and would be very chic once styled with other accessories. 

Denim Dresses

Here are some ideas for styling a denim dress. These colors match perfectly with dark blue and give a fresh summer casual look: 

295 SEK - rosegal.com

315 SEK - rosegal.com

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