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Black Dresses Styles For Pear Body Shape

Hello buddies! I am back with another personal style post and how I found the perfect dress style for my pear body type. Few years ago I was googling looking for dress styles for pear body shape and I found this different dresses image, unfortunately it did not link to the source. I saved it in my computer and I thought next time I go shopping for dresses I will follow this tip and look for these styles to try on.

And ... Just like magic... at last! now I go directly to the styles that fit me without wasting time trying many many dresses that end up make me look round or make my body shape look unbalanced. During our Greece vacation last week, we went shopping and I bought this lovely black ( shorts ) dress in the photo above. I wore it on our last night / dinner in Crete Island. By the way I gained 3 kg during the vacations because of the chilling and all inclusive good greek food. Now I am back to my healthy routine and I already lost 1 kg in two days doing my cardio workouts and eating less calorie food. 

These hourglass shape dresses will look gorgeous on you too if you had a pear body / curvy shape even if you were a bit over weight. It balanced the size of your narrow upper body with your wide hips. Take a look at my own photo during a New York trip where I actually bought my first double skirt dress. I hope some of you find this useful! enjoy :-)

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