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Waffle Mornings

I am glad the morning daylight got back to normal with the spring / summer time so I feel more energized in the morning and make our favorite breakfast. Julia loves her waffles and pancakes so I try to treat her with one or two at least once a week. 

She is an early bird, very happy and full of energy in the mornings. When she wake up we do our morning routine and then we play and sing together. I try to give her small tasks to learn new things. She started getting a bit independent, she can cruise around the house and explore the rooms and get back to me wherever I am. I am often in the kitchen :-) of course! once she see me cooking or doing the dishes she seem interested in doing the same. I give her a plastic spoon and a plastic bowl and watch her copy my moves trying to whisk and look as if she is cooking. 

Her favorite new game now is trying to feed me and her dad. So she holds the spoon and she act as if she has food in it and try to scoop it from the dish into our mouths. She does it over, over and over.. I try to enjoy every bit of it because I see already how fast she is growing and how much I am going to miss this cute adorable baby games. 

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