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Dream Home Furniture And Decor Pieces

Each year the summer gets closer I find myself daydreaming of our dream future home. Finding the right house with all our requirements has been a long journey, there was always something missing. We are almost giving up on finding the perfect house and started thinking building our own might be the best option to cut this long waiting journey short. 

What excites me the most is the interior design and styling. I am a big big fan of TM Design a Norwegian Design  / Store who has the same style like the famous TV Show Empire. If you watched the show there is no way you haven't noticed the marvelous styling and decor in each scene.

My favorite space in our dream home would be first the kitchen, than the living and dining room. The last two are the places we spend most of the time in during our gatherings and visits. This would be my main focus when it comes to decor and furniture. 

A dream living room planning begins with a big dream sofa. It is not an easy task finding an "old days charm" classic sofa / couch nowadays. I did some research and I came across ARHAUS Your Home website. They got plenty of amazing choices that matches exactly the style I am looking for when it comes to sectional sofas.

I would love to style a classic big wide sofa with couple of comfy big throw pillows; one greek key pattern, one furry, one cashmere and one velvet. A marble table is on the list together with a zebra or moroccan berber rug. A set of matching long and thick fabric curtains in ivory or light grey color. 

The rest of the coffee table styling pieces would follow. I already have lots of items but I am running out of space in our apartment. I can't wait to be able to display all my decor collections without having to worry about charging the space with too much objects. This usually a mistake all interior design lovers do. 

And the list continues..  black wide shelves, marble or greek key lamps. ginger jar, candles, big glass shape candle holders, tray, plants, vases, other decor gadgets inspired from the nature like wooden pieces, sea shells, animal horn, stones, lighter and tools box.  

You can take a look at My Pinterest Board where I save all my Interior Design ideas and inspiration. Maybe it will amuse you to create or recreate your own dream home. 

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