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Spring And Summer Bedroom Styling

Hello lovelies! I am finally done with all spring cleaning tasks except one thing..... the windows :-/. I had fever last week and the weather has been weird lately. The snow comes back every now and then. Not to mention the rain. The temperature isn't stable at all... last week we got only one great sunny spring day and it even got to 20 c . I really thought finally spring / summer is really here. This makes me longing more for our comming vacation. 

After spring cleaning, I like to change the decor of the house to give it the spring / summer feeling. I started with our bedroom. Changing sheets and curtains to brighter colors. I love the white and blue theme which gives the room a bit of a fresh summer cottage feeling. Below are the things I use to spring  / summer styling:

1. Bright curtains: Bright curtains means a bright room. Nothing better than natural daylight to keep your space looking fresh and clean.

2. House plants: Use oxygen supply houseplants to keep your room air fresh and clear 24 h. Here are some you might want to take a look at 6 Oxygen bomb houseplants .

3. Mattress: Spring and summer are the most seasons we spend doing lots of activities. We get to bed exhausted, really in need for good night sleep to recharge for the next day. If you need to upgrade your bed mattress. Here I recommend Leesa Bedding

4. Bed anatomy: Learn the art of bed styling following the simple bed anatomy steps in a previous post I shared in the blog here.

5. Sheets: Bright sheets are the best for these seasons. You can select from white, ivory, light grey, light blue and light green.. these isure you to have a fresh spring / summer look. Whether you like the basics or luxury sheets. Both styles need to be soft and comfortable. Elevate your sheets here.

6. Useful gadgets: My favorite useful gadgets that I like to both keep near me while in bed and to also decorate the room are: book holder, jewelry box or plate, candle, books, phone speakers or holders (in case you like to listen to meditation audios or nature sounds before sleeping). Everyday laundry basket.

7. Must have: Every bedroom needs a lovely portrait photo of self, loved one or family. A framed motivation quote to wake up to everyday. A mirror,  clothes holder, bedside tables, alarm clock 
and a dressing table. 

Bedroom Styling

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