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Roasted Cherry Tomato And Goat Cheese Risotto

At this time of the year I tend to cook only comfort food recipes that contains thick yummy sauces, different type of cheese, fungus and soups. I try to stay away from dry food, fried food and cold food  as much as possible. 

This is one of my favorate classic recipes which I make every fall season. I hope you guys enjoy it! 

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

2 pounds cherry tomatoes
3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper


Heat the oven to 400 degrees F.
Place the tomatoes on a sheet pan, drizzle over the olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Roast until the tomatoes collapse, about 10 minutes.

Recipe courtesy of Tyler Florence


Olive Oil
1/2 Onion
200g Risotto Rice ( I choose whole grain ecologic which cooks for 45 min)
700ml Vegetable Stock (or water)
40g Goats Cheese
Roasted Tomatoes
Pinch of Salt
Pinch of Pepper
Mushrooms ( Trattkantarell )

Parmesan cheese 


Heat up the olive oil in a pan, throw in the chopped up onion and leave on a low heat until browned.

Add in the rice and stir well into the olive oil. Pour over the stock and the mushrooms. And leave for 30 minutes, stiring regularily.

Add in the goats cheese, herbs and tomatoes. Mix well and leave for a further five minutes.

Garnish with parmesan cheese.

Serve straight away
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Swedish Blog Audience

Hello blog buddies! Recently Ive been thinking to switch my blog language to Swedish, and be more of a local blogger to join the blogging communities where I am. My Swedish blog audience clearly raised over the past few months and made me think of this change. But I guess by doing this I will be losing the rest of my audience from other countries especially English speaking countries, which actually are the majority of my readers as you can see below.

I am thankful for the blogger translation tool which I notice help a lot of non-english speaking audience manage to read and understand my blog content. I see they even return as well from the blog stats tool. Still not sure everyone would consider this option! and how familiar people are to using the tools. 

After all my whole blog content is international because we are a traveling family and I often post about our trips, places to go, food recommendations ect.. narrowing the language will only be a limitation. 

If you guys have any note or advice you want to give me regarding this topic please send me a private   msg. Your feedback and support always put a big smile on my face.

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Style: Holly & Whyte Bags

I fell for this orange canvas bag! its very unusual for me to like this type of shinny colorful bags / accessories, but this one just captured my attention and I had no explanation for loving it so much... the design and the perfect size maybe, apart from the color. 

I checked Holly & Whyte collection on Lindex store and I actually loved couple of items including the green bag. Its sort of coco chanel style school! The classic and timeless clothing's that you can wear forever and still look stylish... what makes this collection even more special, is being affordable. 

Now I added those two colorful bags to my cravings list Wish List for my next purchase. It would be nice to have something as bright and colorful in my minimal basic and casual wardrobe. I hope I manage to buy them before they get sold out because each time I write about something on my blog and pin it to my wish list it gets sold out within few days. So I might have a friend of mind buying it for me in case I dint have time to go myself. 

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Shopping Diary: Hair And Body

Hello guys! Here is a new shopping diary update for body and hair cosmetics. Now after passing the new born period, RITUALS... became one of my "all times favorites" such as BIOTHERM, CLARINS, VICTORIA SECRET, NUXE BODY etc..

Its funny how I wasn't planing to buy any more body-care products because my cosmetic drawers are still full. I went to the RITUALS store in Utopia Mall Umeå just out of curiosity to check their baby products and the perfumes. The selling agent offered me this amazing hand treatment with THE RITUAL OF SAKURA COLLECTION, she used the oil, scrub, foam and cream.. I couldn't resist not to buy them at the end, the softening result was incredible and I was in love with the smell of my hands. I ended up getting their new two perfumes as a gift, plus two more free mini products to try :-) photo below!

The SAKURA collection is made out of the nourishing Rice milk and fresh scented Shea Butter. Ive already tried their THE RITUAL OF DAO COLLECTION which I got as a gift last chrisms. 

In our family, when it comes to hair products we love Björn Axen, a highlighted swedish brand since 1963 - Stockholm. Our first choice from shampoo, wax, hair spay ect..

For my blogger friends I will be looking forward to see your own products recommendation this month to get inspired and learn more about what goodies are out there in the market. 

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5 Free Very Useful Home Organizing Printables

Fall weekends are great for organizing and sorting out things. Getting ready for the end of the year and making new plans. This post is made specially for housekeepers / housewives or husbands.. who like to keep their homes tidy and neat. And their goals and plans in order. 

I hope you make use of these lovely printables which can help you achieve what I just mentioned. Enjoy it! 

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Food Gifts: Chocolate Balls

Its been a while since I posted a Food Gifts Series post. Here is a new idea to add up. Oatmeal balls are so poplar now, they are health , no bake and easy to make. How about making them look more nicer and dipping them in dark or white chocolate with a little bit of decoration and give them as treats / food gifts in a nice gift bag or box. 

These are the recent oatmeals balls I made with different flavors, one with blueberries covered with white chocolate and the other with peanut butter and dark chocolate. You can also take a look at more delight recipes that can be given as food gifts / treats. 

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Roasted Beetroot Pasta Sauce

I love beetroots so much, I often make smoothies or cold salad with onions and mayonnaise out of them or roast them with other roots to be used as a side dish to chicken meals. The other day I came a cross this amazing recipe for beetroot pasta sauce with beetroots that made the pasta look bloody 
red and super yummy. 

When I googled it, I found lots of sauce recipes but this is the one I tried with a bit of my personalized touch adding goat cheese and walnuts to garnish with. I hope you guys like! enjoy...


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Knit Hat I Made While Pregnant ( Get the free pattern )

When I was pregnant with Julia and before I even knew the gender I decided I want to knit something for my baby arrival. I am a beginner at knitting and I try to use the easy patterns when I try to make something. I previously made a scarf for my hubby as a gift, made couple of scarfs I gave to family and best friends, and I sold some. 

This hat was my first hat to knit. Its is so cute itself and even more cute and adorable on little Julia. She started to fit to it right on time with the beginning of the late summer / fall weather.

For new moms I suggest making / knitting something for your baby arrival that you will love to see your baby wearing later on. You can save it for your little ones until they grow old and even your grand children might have it one day. 

I think such simple things will have great value in the future, so why not putt some energy and love emotions into a little project like this to pass generations. Here are the projects I used, I hope this can be helpful for you or someone you know that might like it: 


October 2015
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5 Modern DIY Gifts Too Make For The Coming Holidays

Its been awhile since I collected a DIY project set / collection for you guys to get busy with during the weekends. Remember that best gifts are those we make by hand and this is the right time to do them since holidays are few months away. 

Each week I will be posting a DIY set with best ideas that exist in the internet. Until than I will be hunting for inspirations! enjoy :-)

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Blueberry White Chocolate Balls

I like to get creative with the classic Swedish chocolate-balls / chokladbollar recipe. I made a sort with peanut butter flavor, dipped in melted chocolate and toped with nuts. I actually created couple of different decorations and flavors each time but always sticked to brown chocolate. This time I wanted to make something totally different by using white chocolate  and blueberries. 

Below is the classic recipe and you can always add something else to the oatmeal, the butter and the vanilla. The same thing with the topping and decoration. 

All you need is

3 dl quick-cooking oatmeal
1 dl  sugar

100 g butter, softened

2 white chocolate bars melted 

1 tbs vanilla 

2 tbs blueberries 

Sugar or your own decoration option 


Combine butter, blueberries, sugar, oats, and vanilla. Put the mix in the freezer for an hour.  Roll into balls about the size of a meatball. Dip the balls in the melted white chocolate than pearl with sugar or something else on top to decorate. Put to dry in room temperature on baking paper. Eat right away, or refrigerate, or freeze if you prefer a harder consistency.

Makes about 15.

Enjoy it! 

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Scandinavian HomeStyling: Featuring "HOUSE OF PHILIA" Home Tour

Here is another Scandinavian interior design from real homes. House of Philia is also a family lifestyle blog I follow on bloglovin. I like how this home design is a combine of both simplicity and class. White color as usual gives a very clean modern style look and its easy to decorate with other nature colors, here in this interior it seems that they choose dark blue and copper as an addition to the grey and white. 

I adored their new baby room, and I got an inspiration to DIY our bed-head because we also have grey walls in the bedroom and white bedroom furniture's. Ive been wanting to do this for quite awhile so I will keep you posted when I do the project.

I hope you also find inspiration from these photos I collected, pick up some space styling ideas and color matching skills. 

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