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Our Home: Adding An Oriental Touch

On our latest trip to Stockholm I made sure I passed by the Moroccan Bazzar / store and bought these lovely items. Unfortunately many things I wanted to buy were sold out so I only bought the serving tagine and a mini moroccan tea set in silver.

I miss drinking moroccan mint tea, its been ages since I made it. I am already growing my own mint plants at home, so all I need is to order the moroccan green tea "Sultan" herbs from eBay. The reason I stopped drinking it its because it doesn't taste as good without sugar and I stopped eating sugar long long time ago so I don't want this habit back with the moroccan tea. 

About the tagine, its only for serving. I am also not sure if a cooking tagine would work with the electeric modern kitchen cooker. I will be using these items as a home decor too, And add an oriental touch from my origins to our space. 

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  1. this is looking lovely !



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