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Space Styling: Our Home Space

Hello again, back with more styling topics, sharing my ideas and learned tips. But this time its a memory from when we first moved to our new home. 

When we first moved in it took me a while to set my mind on how I want our bedroom to look like. I usually like white bedrooms.. and I like the type of basic interior that you can change anytime by adding / removing interior accessories. This way you can makeover your space per season very easy.. and it will fit to both types of modern or classic styles..depends on whats popular. 

So I picked white and grey / silver as the basic colors.. and they suited our wooden white walls and a grey wall we have in the back of the bed. In summertime I style the bedroom like the old english style summerhouses.. blue and white. And in the winter I switch to winter cabin style by having brown and beige accessories, specially that our headboard is made of natural wood (organic style).

Styling the dressing and the bedside tables is my favorite thing. I change the style every now and then adding new followers, vases.. accessories etc.. here are some photos from summer time last year. I have already made a lot of changes to this corner which you will be seeing in the following styling posts.. 

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- Styling dressing table -

Dressing table

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