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Wardrobe 101: How to Build and Organize Wardrobe

Hello guys! I am about to rebuild our walk-in closet. So lately I've been collecting ideas and tips on how to get ahead with this project. First I am willing to buy new Ikea walk in closet shelves ( as seen below in the set ), then I will add a unique final touch that will make it look like a mini boutique.

To be able to use every single small space in the room I will have to buy these creative organizing products to be able to stoke items like , scarves , ties, belts, underwears.. ect... and not to forget the most important thing which is displaying all chic pumps, bags and accessories in a style.

If you would like to get an inspiration from my plan, visit my Wardrobe 101 Pinterest board.

In this images collage is a simple DIY idea of how I am going to design the walk-in closet space. And the tools I am going to use for the specific items I am willing to keep on display.



General Tips

  • Use ALL available space, but keep it organized.
  • Keep out-of-season (winter/summer) clothes out of the way.
  • You're more likely to wear something if you can see it.
  • Keep 1-2 hooks empty for quick-n-dirty clean up.
  • Don't forget the backs of deep shelves, and high-up places.

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