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Floral Arrangement: The Right Vase for the Right Flowers

I have a passion for flowers, nature and everything green and beautiful! I try as much as possible to keep our home brighten with flowers all year long. I have a collection of vases that are special for each type of flowers even the ones I put in the bathroom using Ikea wall vases, and still I buy a vase every time I lay my eye on one that I think will suite a different type of flowers. Well well well... here I collected some ideas for you from TheSweetHome.com, which shows how the floral arrangement should be for more detail read their article here on how to take care of flowers and make arrangements in different styles. I hope you enjoy the inspiration from my own home in the photos above. 

The right type of vase for bathrooms and kitchen wall

The right type of vase for most people

For frugal flower-givers

For even more frugal flower-givers

For the old-fashioned (and pink people of all ages)

For eco-conscious flower-givers

For pet-loving flower-givers

Modern flower arrangements

More derails: The sweet home 
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