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In Key West

Florida keys were a piece of heaven on earth.We loved the weather, the marinas, the sea food, the old style city buildings as well as everything tropical in there. 

First we got to enjoy the drive from Miami to Key west and see everything in between, the 8 miles bridge in the middle of the turquoise sea color, the land scape's and the local little interesting stuff you get to notice when you hit the road in a foreign country. 

We sailed the next day for the whole afternoon until sunset. We did some snorkeling and got to see lots of fish. We did some kayaking around some small islands too with a guide telling us about the history of the keys and the animals that lives there etc.. and at the end we enjoyed happy hour on the sailing boat watching sunset. 

We also went to bahia honda park and got to enjoy a great time at the beach,white sand and pure water. A breath taking place and a real romantic getaway spot I am glad I got to visit. 

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  1. such beautiful pics from florida :)
    keep in touch


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