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Heart Chakra Opening Symptoms

For those who do not know what is the Heart Chakra: its the center of our being and emotions, the green Flower of Life- that supports our capacity to love deeply and unconditionally. It’s healing properties harmonize the mind and the body. The color green is associated with the fourth, or Heart, chakra. It is linked to our capacity to love and to feel compassion. This applies to our ability to love one another as well as our ability to love ourselves.

The heart is located at the center of our physical bodies; likewise, the Heart Chakra is located at the center of the chest and mediates between the lower (physical) and the higher (spiritual) planes of being. Green is the color of nature and Earth; it is a healing color that balances and harmonizes the connection between mind and body. Its sense is touch.

Try this: Take a deep breath and bring your awareness to your heart area. Think about something or someone that makes you feel happy and loved. Take another deep breath and feel the smile on your face. Now start bringing other people or circumstances into that loving, happy place.

In order to open the heart chakra we can practice:

  1. Acknowledging different parts of yourself that are at play in our daily life; some easy to recognize, some may be hiding in our shadow with guilt and shame or anger;
  2. Honoring and accepting the different aspects of our personality;
  3. Learning how to provide self-love
  4. Working out inner conflicts
  5. Learning how to make workable alliances with parts of yourself that tend to resist
  6. Taming our inner critic and be less judgmental towards oneself
  7. Traditional psychotherapeutic or self-development approaches might be helpful in identifying and working with the areas of resistance of blockage affecting the opening of your heart chakra.

When you open and balance your 4th energy center, you may experience the following heart chakra opening symptoms:

  1. Feeling love for others, for life in general
  2. Being more compassionate
  3. Being more acceptant with yourself
  4. Feeling inclined to forgive
  5. A better overall sense of balance and well-being
  6. Integration between with physical and earthly plane needs and spiritual aspirations
  7. Altruism, selflessness
  8. Harmonious, balanced control of the senses and emotions (does not feel like constriction or excessive control)
  9. The balance of female and male energies within oneself
  10. Harmony in relationships

Symptoms of a Heart Chakra Blockages/Imbalance

A blocked heart chakra manifests as a lack of love and compassion. Symptoms include:

  1. Loneliness
  2. Shyness and social anxiety
  3. Being overly critical towards yourself and others
  4. Holding grudges
  5. Inability to give or receive freely
  6. Suspicion and fear, especially in friendships and romantic relationships

At last, opening the heart chakra is an essential practice in a number of spiritual traditions. The fourth chakra becomes the mediator for divine love and access to non-dual states where there is only love, where the one who loves and the object of love, the lover and the beloved are one. As a person living in your 4th chakra, you may start to see love in anything and everything, being at peace and centered in your heart no matter the circumstances. You may find yourself effortlessly trusting other and interacting with people in a loving and graceful way.

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