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DIY Build and Decor a Farmhouse Dining Room Table

Hi, dear loyal readers! Nature whisper blog is back to be a home, food, decor focus lifestyle blog where I share my ideas, taste, and things that inspire me.  I've created another anonymous blog where I share my personal diaries and life theories with limited access to an only certain group of people who know me personally.  

This blog post is from 2014 archive and I am reposting it as a cooperation with the fantastic sawshub.com website. They have this amazing DIY article about How to Build DIY a Farmhouse Dining Room Table. The reason they are being featured in this particular blog post.

Once you are done making a DIY dining room table farmhouse style. Consider this country farm decoration idea to take it to the next level. I hope you enjoy this inspiration from my most pinned fall season , DIY decor on my pinterest profile


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