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Road Trip To Norway

We've had such a great time having a five days road trip to Norway. Making stops in different places as we head to our main destination Ålesund. We made stops in ÖstersundTrollstigen, drove through TrollryggenRauma River, made a stop at the Juvet landscape hotel and enjoyed cooking dinner outdoors by the Gudbrandsjuvets waterfall, with fire and music. Then Geirangerfjord, and finally Ålesund and back directly the next day. 

Norway's landscape is a perfect space to breathe and take in nature. A great nature whisper source for me, a soul and mind therapy. On the road, as the beauty of the landscapes sweeps by the car window, scene by scene, I took a zen moment to think and recall some joyful times of my life and people who have taken a place in my heart. People who helped me get to be the person I am today. 

I don't know if you guys like to keep a travel notebook documenting your experiences and how you feel in certain countries/cultures. But I definitely should start doing so because I get some amazing emotions when I visit new places. Some remind me of things I've  forgotten and some are totally new. The magic about it all is that you discover a new perspective of life. 

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