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One And A Half

Julia is now 17 months and two weeks. She will start kindergarten next week. I still can not believe it. We visited the kindergarten a few days ago just to see how it is and get some info. Julia acted like she has already been there before. She was comfortable with everything the minute she walked in the class room.   

I am both excited and sad about it at the same time, even that its only 3 days a week for few hours in the beginning. As soon as Julia start, I will be able to get back on track and finish all unfinished business left on hold since 2016. It's true that time flew so fast but I also feel away behind in my personal achievements. 

Speaking of achievements, when it comes Julia. I am so happy that she has gone through all her toddler milestones just as she should. Now she manages to ear, and drink on her own. She understands everything that we do every day. She follows her routine and she is a happy healthy child. Even as we travel often she is good at adapting just like her parents. 

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