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Two Months Mamma

Time flew so fast, our DD is now 2 months.. this means I made it as a two months Mamma. To be honest some stuff has been easier than I thought and some were more stressful than they actually seemed , like the first two weeks of breastfeeding, baby vomiting and choking.. freaked me out. But By the end of the 7th week she rewarded me with the most beautiful smile Ive ever seen. 

I am glad I didnt get the baby blues / depression. I only felt kind of trapped in a rush routine where time fly by so fast without me making use of it as I plan. Things get out of control sometimes and as a person who like to keep things organized at home I got really challenged in this part. 

I got alot of support and help from my darling, everytime he was home he fulfilled the daily tasks with me, and helped me catch my breath a little and get some sleep to recharge for the days when he is abroad working. He loves to cook and that was always a bonus both when I was working and now. He took us out for grill picnics couple of times to get out of my mamma - home routine. He takes DD out by the stroller to calm her down and give her some fresh air as its some sort of parenting tradition here in Scandinavia. I try to cope up with that too when he is away and take her out for both refreshment and getting back in shape. 

For all new moms out there expecting the first baby, don't stress too early, take it easy! get as much sleep as you can, make use of your time for YOU and do the things you love before your baby arrives because your life schedule and properties will change. By the time the baby comes, all problems will be solved as they come, you will learn everything naturally and your mother instinct will lead you. No one has been born an expert.

Thanks to the new parenting course given to us by the hospital, babycenter kellymom websites and my Mom to be pinterest board where I saved all the tips I could find before the delivery.

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