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Lingerie: Soft Bra Crush

Hello again! Today is our anniversary so I thought of picking up a romantic / sexy topic :-) in the style field. 

Last week I bought two more of soft bra lingerie that I have a big crush on, you might have seen it from my pin board <3 a="" delicates="" home=""> where I collect lingerie and cozy home outfit and romantic ideas for couples. 

Soft bras are not only simply gorgeous, they have this awesome detailed design that adds lots of charm to women body. Its beautiful , comfy and sexy a combination that is hard to get in other designs. I find this type of bra is more feminine than the other push up and cup bras etc... 

Take a look at this collection of my favorite soft bras, some of them I already own.. you can find affordable type of gorgeous soft bras at H&M store.. Below also you can find a tip about buying soft charming lingeries. Enjoy it! 

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