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Sunday Detox: Tech Digital Detox Camping

Hello buddies! This weekend we are going out in a Tech/ Digital-Free camping trip to break the tech addiction. We love to camp, sometimes we camp by hiking to a mountain top or raft to a empty island beach breaking away from everything and just enjoying the nature whisper. 

I would love to share with you my new experience once we come back after the weekend and for now I would like to post some info of how to survive without tech, and why you need to try the tech break..

1. Tech is wonderful, but don't forget about IRL (in real life) interactions.

The experience reminded me that we're defined by so much more than our LinkedIn profiles and Klout scores. Skyping is just not the same as sharing a meal with someone face to face.

2. Stare at people, not just screens.

Yes, you can learn so much about people via Google, Facebook and the world of information available at our fingertips these days. But by putting the devices aside and just stopping to talk with someone, you can actually gain so much beyond two-dimensional picture that data provides.

3. Don't worry about FOMO (fear of missing out).

Technology enables us to keep up with every single thing going on. But when our attention is dispersed between a million things, we can end up with half-baked experiences. Sometimes we worry so much about capturing a moment through an Instagram or tweet that we forget to fully experience that moment ourselves. Like a wise camp sign read: "Yield to the present."

Would you or have you done a digital detox? Share your experiences in the comments.For more about the digital detox experience, read this article in NewYorkTimes

Photo: Personal Instaphoto - Summer 2012 - Sweden

Tips sourse:mashable.com

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