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Smart Houskeeping Fall Tricks :

Hello buddies! I hope you all having a wonderful Sunday. I am glad we are still having sunny fall days over here which keeps me energized and in good mood ticking off my weekend to do lists.  So here I brought you these cool  housekeeping tricks which will help keep the fresh sense of the fall in your homes and make them cozy smelling goooooood. Try this if you want to inject some cozyness and freshness into the your home and your senses. Bring your note book or start pinning to your boards. I personally try often the rosemary and lemon trick I have shared with you few months ago. And it really worked like magic! 

Autumn Simmer Pot (First Image): Fill a pot half full with water, bring to a boil, add 2 cups dried rosemary, 2 cups of dried lavender, 1 cup of dried eucalyptus leaves, 1/2 cup of dried peppermint, 1/2 cup of  dried bay leaves. Turn heat down and simmer all day, adding water when needed. Read More

The Perfect Fall Potpourri: - the peel of one orange - one cut up apple - 2 large cinnamon sticks - 1 tablespoon of cloves - 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract - 1 tablespoon of almond extract - 1.5 cups of water plus plenty more for refill . Place all ingredients in a cooking pot and simmer throughout the day while adding a bit of water from time to time. Also, you can reuse this mix for three days and store it in the fridge overnight. Read More

Natural room scents: Combine ingredients in a jar. Add water. Pour in a pot and simmer over a stovetop (or slow cooker, fondue pot, etc. Anything that keeps it warm! Just remember: more heat equals more fragrance). Top with more warm water as it evaporates. You can keep the ingredients in jars in the refrigerator and reuse for 2-3 days.

1 sliced lemon 
a few sprigs of fresh rosemary
1 tsp. vanilla

1 sliced orange 
a small handful of cloves
a few cinnamon sticks

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  1. such a cool DIY , I need to try this asap.
    please do enter my Migon Mignon sunglasses giveaway..

    Happy weeekend ,

  2. These sound gorgeous, I do love smells like these :)) I will have to try them soon!! I hope you are having a great weekend doll xx

  3. Hello dear...I'm already following you...But if you don't I would be very happy if you did...

    Thank you...Have a nice Sunday...


  4. mmmm all these sound soooo good. I love the scents of fall.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  5. So cool! i'll have to try this sometime! I bet the smell is amazing!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  6. great DIY...will try this out!! :)



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