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Best Food Gifts Series 4

Hello lovelies!! first I would like to thank the number of new followers who joined me recently on Pinterest and g+ and also my loyal readers who send their feedback about my blog posts. As I promised before, I am still publishing the weekly "food gifts series" post from my " pinning "collection while surfing the net. These are my picks for the week.. here we go!

Chai Tea Mix
To make this gift, be sure to include a mesh tea ball! Make the mix with this ingredient list. You can reuse many of the ingredients for mulled wine. And you can also get creative with it your own way.

Set of Homemade Seasoning

Try this recipe for a spicy dry rub. Reuse some of the same ingredients to make taco seasoning. This ranch seasoning recipe is undoubtedly more garden-y fresh than the store-bought kind.

Homemade Vanilla Extract

“Simply slit two vanilla beans down the middle, drop them into 375ml of vodka (I used the red Smirnoff) and within a few weeks you will have infused pure vanilla extract that someone can use in all sorts of recipes.” From 100 Days of Real Food.

Sugar Sets

Never thought of sugar as a gift? well, get the easy recipes here.

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  1. Never thought of gifting these things, will try chai masala..
    Keep in touch,

  2. As always your ideas are so SWEET... ;) Thank you for sharing...



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